Tuesday, January 20, 2009

fica futa suta

In 2004 I found a used napkin. This napkin, had on it a flow chart written in black ink. This chart weighed the pros and cons of staying in Houston versus moving to Brazil. As I don't have the napkin in front of me at this moment, I cannot recite exactly what the author had written but I do recall this person as have saying 'hot chicks' as 1 of the 2 pros to moving to Brazil. This napkin not only brightened my day but was also the catalyst of my now near obsessive collection of found text. I literally, own hundreds of lists, notes, letters, and maps of the found kind. I hope to re-imagine my collection into something truly unique and thoughtful. The short direct animation below is a product of that notion, based on one note, a scribble and scrabble of financial distinction. What struck me most about this particular found text was the repetition.

3 minutes. 24fps. 16mm. Images were created by directly scratching off the emulsion of each frame with a pointed sculpting tool. oh yeah, and please turn off the sound. I need to change it.

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